Summit of the Stars: Altoph

Full Release Now Available!


Summit of the Stars: Altoph full release now available!

Take control of a wanderlust alien spacecraft. Destroy a variety of enemies that have their own abilities, movements and powers. Empower your spacecraft with various upgrades and lost technologies. Survive and uncover the truth in the SotS universe.

Explore through debris and torn apart ships, scattered across the direction you are heading towards.

You are the final hope against the human onslaught and the unknown truth.


  • 3 linear levels
  • 10 different guns to use & upgrade, all with their own strengths & weaknesses
  • 3 unique bosses, 1 at the end of each level
  • Many different enemies to defeat that all have their own attack patterns & movements
  • Destructible terrain & objects that may or may not, assist the player
  • Situational power ups and abilities for the player to use
  • Controller & keyboard support
  • Secrets, statistics, scores and more!

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